The F-Word

by Lisa Toews-Daugherty

The F-word

The Mirage of Security

by Lisa Toews-Daugherty

Will We Be Different?

By Julie Bradsher, CFP®       

Over the past few weeks, in groups and with one-on-one discussions with clients, friends and family a single question keeps being asked – when this is over, will we be different?  Or will we go back to the way we were before?

Passionate Giving

By Lisa Toews-Daugherty

Passionate Giving

Financial Aid? Hmmmmmm

By Lisa Toews-Daugherty

Financial Aid? Hmmmmm

August 2018

What Will You Leave Behind?

By Julie Bradsher, CFP


“An inheritance is what you leave with people.  A legacy is what you leave in them.”  Craig D. Lounsbrough, author.


Annual Income = $0 Redux

Written by Lisa Toews-Daugherty

Emergency Room - Here we come!

Written by Lisa Toews-Daugherty

Last weekend, our youngest daughter cut off the tip of her pinky finger while slicing cucumbers with a mandolin.  She’s 12, loves to cook, and I was teaching her how to use this new piece of kitchen equipment.  Not well, as it turned out.  We couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, so we headed to urgent care.

Volatility - Good or Bad?

By:  Julie Bradsher, CFP


Spending Vs. Saving

As you might imagine, many of our clients are great savers. They know how to budget. They know how to "pay themselves first." They have their priorities in the right order. However…

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