Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

BBG Financial Planning serves friends and clients of Bay Business Group, LLC with tax-centric financial planning services. As a partner of Bay Business Group, we leverage the knowledge of your CPA to find solutions that consider your entire financial well-being and the tax-implications of each decision. We adhere to an intentional process that starts with listening to our clients, followed by gathering and analyzing data and providing actionable recommendations, that once put in place are frequently reviewed and adjusted.

When you work with BBG Financial Planning, you will receive a personal experience with real people delivering real solutions. Our beliefs serve as the foundation for how and why we work passionately with our clients each day.

  • We believe that honesty and integrity are choosing to do the right thing every day.
  • We believe that in an industry that feeds on fear and scarcity, we build confidence and an understanding of what you truly need to have a well-lived life.
  • We believe that dealing with money can become emotional, and decisions based on emotions may lead to costly mistakes.
  • We believe that persistent, deliberate practice is necessary to create plans that persevere, build financial security, and leave a legacy.

At BBG Financial Planning, we live our beliefs each day. Our goal is to help you gain control of your financial situation for today and tomorrow. 

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