Many financial planning firms don’t fully understand how a cause marketing association is different from a for-profit organization.  At BBG Financial Planning, we get it.  We understand that your organization exists for reasons other than growing the bottom line and we support you in your efforts.



Don’t skip tax considerations just because you are a not-for-profit!  By leveraging the CPAs’ knowledge at Bay Business Group, BBG Financial Planning will help ensure your business is operating in a manner that will preserve your not-for-profit status.   


Retirement Plans

If you are a not-for-profit employer, you have a unique opportunity to help your employees save for retirement.  In addition to Simple IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k), you can offer a 403(b) plan.  We can help you evaluate the benefits of a 403(b) and consider whether it is right for your organization or if a traditional 401(k) is the better choice for you.   We have the specialized expertise to design a plan that works for you and help with the ongoing compliance.  The details matter when it comes to organizational retirement plans.  You want to choose the right option for the goals you have for yourself and your organization. 


Investment and Endowment Planning

We work with our not-for-profit clients to determine whether short-term and long-term operating balances are managed appropriately.   We ask probing questions to help you understand what you want to accomplish now and in the future.  If you are lucky enough to have an endowment, or are thinking about creating one as part of your fund raising efforts, we can help you craft an investment policy statement and implement that policy appropriately to achieve your goals.


Insurance and Income Protection

In cause marketing, an organization can sometimes be driven by one person’s passion towards a cause.  As a result, you need to think about what would happen to the organization if something happened to you, a lead fundraiser, or a key employee.  Key-person insurance is one way to help mitigate the fall-out.   Each not-for-profit is especially unique in this area.


Employee Benefits

A competitive benefits package is critical to attracting and retaining employees.  In addition to retirement plans, we work with organizations to offer group life and disability benefits to employees.  As an employer, employee benefits is a key budget item, and we take a holistic view in helping you allocate those dollars in the most effective way.