We work with families and individuals who are fortunate enough to be on the path to accumulating material wealth and are looking to support their financial and personal goals.  Successful families are not necessarily high income earners.  They are, however, people who live within their means and are serious about achieving their financial goals.  The successful families we work with also see the value in and are interested in a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor who can help them make sound financial decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

BBG Financial Planning stands beside our clients and coaches them through whatever comes their way.  If you have or adopt a child, we will share in your joy and adjust your financial plan to accommodate this new gift.  If a loved one passes, we will be at your side to walk compassionately with you through the emotional decisions that often need to be made while you are still grieving. If you experience an unexpected job change – and we have been there—we will give you the saving and budgeting insights you will need as you navigate the loss of income. Those are just a few of the real situations our clients have experienced and how we have helped.  Sometimes knowing we are just a phone call away is all that is needed.


Tax Planning

By leveraging the CPAs’ knowledge at Bay Business Group, BBG Financial Planning will help ensure your wealth management plan is operating in a tax-optimized manner. This includes making sure that you don’t pay a penny more in taxes than legally required and looking for ways to reduce current and future tax burdens.



We will work with you to develop your vision of retirement and then do the diligent and ongoing planning that is necessary for your retirement to live up to your expectations. BBG Financial Planning will help you make the most of your employer-sponsored plans, IRAs and other retirement vehicles to make sure your income is sustained during the time when you reward yourself for years of hard work. Whether you need an IRA rollover, distribution planning, or projected income analysis, we have the knowledge and experience to get help you on the right path.


Investment Planning

Many people find the investment planning process intimidating and do not review investment strategies as often as their lives change. We work with our clients to make planning easy and, more importantly, rewarding. BBG Financial Planning will ask probing questions to help you understand what it is you want to accomplish now and in the future.  We translate that into financial goals and behaviors that we use to determine how much risk you are comfortable taking, what that means for expected growth over time, and the actions needed to get you there.

Once again, we are not governed by any proprietary investments or product bias—our independence allows us to put you first at every step in the process.  Investment planning is a marathon, not a race.  We look to build long-term relationships.



A college education can be expensive, and we can help you estimate how much it will cost.  We will work through questions like do you want to cover all, some, or none of the education expenses for your children or grandchildren?  How much of your own future security are you willing to put towards this one goal?  What’s the best way to provide resources?   We help our clients consider options, such as a 529 College Savings Plan, Coverdell Education Savings accounts, pre-paid tuition plans or educational trusts.



Illness and injury can happen to anyone, usually unexpectedly. In fact, a person has a one in four chance of becoming severely ill or disabled. When was the last time you reviewed your plan and does it take into account recent life events? As life changes, so do your insurance needs and necessary strategies to protect your lifestyle and the loved ones who are dependent on your income.


Income Protection

Asset and income protection includes strategies to shield assets from illness, taxation, and frivolous claims from third parties. Successfully planning for these potential events cannot be overstated, considering the effect they can have on your overall plan, especially for high net worth families


Business Planning

Business owners have countless daily demands on their time. In addition to running the business, they must save for retirement and plan for the future of the business. Whether it’s a buy-sell agreement between owners or an income preservation plan for your loved ones, BBG Financial Planning offers comprehensive support for complex business planning needs.


Debt Management

Not all debt is bad.  It allows us to buy things, such as homes, even if we do not have the cash to pay for them right now. There can be too much debt though, and it can be used inappropriately and grow uncontrollably.  When debt has become a stressor and prevents you from living the life you want to live, you need to take definitive action.  BBG Financial Planning works through these issues with our clients and helps them come up with reasonable plans and budgets to get out of debt and move forward toward the life they desire.


Estate Planning

Designing your estate plan and defining your legacy is one of the most difficult and emotional components of your wealth management plan. Successfully planning the transfer of your wealth is critical to fulfilling the promises you’ve made in your life. BBG Financial Planning will work to minimize income and estate taxes and help maximize the financial opportunities you provide to your chosen heirs, charities or other beneficiaries. The goal is to help you leave behind the legacy you desire.



Successful families have been blessed with much, and we work with families like yours to make a significant difference to the organizations important to you.  Regular donations not only reduce current taxes, but they also allow charities to do the work they have set out to do.  A Charitable Remainder Trust is one of the most versatile vehicles available to donors today.  Such a trust can help you save current income taxes, avoid capital gains tax, and enhance your present and future income.  For us, philanthropy is more than a tax or estate planning strategy.  It’s a way of showing gratefulness for the wealth we have been fortunate to accumulate.